Are you running the Big, Bold, Limitless business you dreamed of?
The one where you call the shots, and know exactly what’s true?
Or, have you settled for the smaller, safer, limited version of that, where profits are uncertain and the truth belongs to everyone else?
Who’s Running this Business Anyway?

This is about reclaiming boldness. It’s about action. It’s about:

  • Getting crystal clear on the business you are in and why you are in business.
  • Stepping into the person you know you are, and owning your vision (because no one else will if you don’t).
  • Creating the tangible results—the profits—that will naturally follow.

Take Me Right to the Curriculum

Dear Passionate Entrepreneur,

You’re not a waffler. You’re not afraid to make bold moves. After all, you started a business. You made a decision. You went for a dream.

So, let me ask you: Why are you waffling?

You’ve got a million answers, right? And you can rattle them off at a moment’s notice: The economy is tough. Your web site isn’t perfect. You just need to work a little harder, and try one more “expert” marketing system. The early years of any entrepreneurial endeavor is tough, and always involve compromise. You just need to land this client, and then you’ll figure out the next step for your business. You just need to sit down with a spreadsheet and figure out the answers.

But even as you hear yourself saying these things, a little part (or maybe even a big part) of you knows that it’s crap. All of it. You know there is something else going on. Something else keeping you from being the bold version of yourself you see flashes of at random times. You know it because you keep getting this feeling.

You know the feeling I’m talking about.

The feeling that you could be big, but instead, you’re getting smaller. The feeling of being trapped. It’s the feeling of being boxed in. It doesn’t make sense, you tell yourself, because you are a bold person — that’s why you started this business. But there’s the box, nonetheless. And you’re in it. You’ve probably tried pretty hard to think, read, or journal your way out of it. Maybe you’ve even sought advice on what you’re doing wrong. But no matter whose expert formula you use, the box is still there.


I have an answer for you about why you’re getting that feeling, but it’s probably going to go against everything that you’ve been told by “experts” about success in business.

That stuck feeling has nothing to do with not trying hard enough.  Nothing.
You’re probably working harder than ever.

You’re Probably:

  • Working—or thinking about work—almost constantly. Instead of you owning your business, it’s owning you!
  • Stuck in a mode of thinking that “someday” you’ll have the life you want, and someday you’ll figure it out.
  • Bending over backwards to bring in clients, yet the process of getting new business still feels random and haphazard.
  • Trading time for dollars, calculating and recalculating what you need to pay the bills (and believing that making “just enough to pay the bills” is the reality of entrepreneurship).
  • Trying very hard to do it all (and worried that you’ll disappoint someone).
  • Hiding behind technology, website development, and program creation rather than getting out there and offering your services.

Sound about right?

You’ve learned that hard work equals success. Believe me, I got this lesson early in life, too. But here is the thing:

Without even realizing it, you might be working backwards, reacting to situations instead of creating the situations you really want. You’re putting forth effort without really knowing why, without feeling connected to the real reason you do what you do (hint: making money isn’t the reason—it’s a result).

When you focus all of your energy on the outcome (making money), versus the starting point (who you are and what gift you have to offer): Your Business Will Always Run You.

When you work from who you think you’re supposed to be, versus who you truly are:
You Allow Yourself to be Dictated to  . . .

. . . by other people who purport to “know better”
. . . by circumstances
. . . by the whims of the market
. . . and even by (or especially by) fear

What if there was a way to step back into the Bold version of you?

What if there was a way to shrug off the limits, the smallness, and the fear, and create the business you intended to have?

The business that truly leverages your brilliance, makes use of your intuitive genius, and reconnects you with your ideas for how the world can be better — all while generating more money than ever?

There is a Way—of course there is…
But it’s not a fancy pre-packaged marketing plan.If that’s what you’re after, you’re in the wrong place.

So if you’re over that idea, I’ve got some thoughts for you :

You Need to Know Who You Truly Are, and You Need to Take Action, in that order.

What to DO in your business must come from who you are. And when that happens, you have the power to run a business that operates from your personal Truth, a business that:

  • Feeds your soul by tapping into your intuitive genius.
  • Lets you use your brilliance to serve the world.
  • Consistently brings in the clients who need you most.
  • Makes money—more of it than you thought possible.

Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs
I designed the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs for business owners just like you. This 13 week coaching program will help you:

  • Refocus your energy and passion
  • Develop a clear Point of View of your business
  • Figure out which strategies are in alignment with your goals
  • Identify ideal clients (and know where and how to find them)
  • Create essential systems that will lead to profits beyond what you ever thought was possible before

In short, the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs will help you create the business that you’re meant to have, the business that flows from your genius and your mission, the business that causes people to take notice.

I’m ready! Sign me up for Biz School!

I know what you’re thinking: Seriously? I have to go back to school?

Let me be clear about one thing: This is NOT your daddy’s business school. It’s not a stuffy seminar room. It’s not a theoretical discussion of business practices, a litany of case studies to analyze. I have great respect for advanced degrees. But the shift you need to make right now doesn’t involve getting more letters behind your name.

It involves… Making Real Change in Your Business, Right Now!

I see entrepreneurs everyday, maybe like you, who have all of the bells and whistles in their businesses: the opt-in box, the freebie, the snazzy cards, the great tagline, the automated responder, the menu of programs. They’ve done everything they’ve been told to do by a coach; they’ve followed all the advice they’ve read in books, learned in seminars, or overheard in the hallways at conferences. They’ve absorbed and absorbed and absorbed until they are saturated with information . . . but they still don’t get results.

Piling stuff upon stuff — no matter how expertly designed — will never work if what you’re doing isn’t aligned with your unique Point of View. If you’re designing your business around someone else’s idea of what the world should be like, it will never be in alignment with what you truly want for your business.

I’ve also seen those who look at those things and get instantly stuck at the thought of having to create them all, and do it “right,” and instead do nothing. When you don’t know who you are… you can’t take action!

It all boils down to this simple equation: Action Without Alignment = Effort Wasted

Waste is . . . well, it’s a waste. And it’s frustrating.

But here’s the thing: You’ve got a Point of View. It’s in there. I know it. You wouldn’t still be reading this if you didn’t believe that your Point of View has the potential to change the world.

Think about it: Is it happenstance that you’re an entrepreneur? Or did you become an entrepreneur for a reason? Was there a moment you decided?

There was a moment I decided, and I’ll never forget it.

But first, let me back up.

I spent years burying my entrepreneurial dreams because I’d learned early on not to open my mouth unless I knew what I was talking about. I worked hard to do the “right” things. I got the “right” degree (chemical engineering), the “right” job (fortune 20 consumer products company), and I did it “right” (got promoted ahead of my peers).

Yet something didn’t feel right. I knew I didn’t want my boss’s job, but I had no idea what I did want.

It was when I trained as a coach in my company that I first had the thought:
“if people could be free to be themselves and use their talents in business, the world would work. Everything would get done, no one would want what someone else has, and there would be peace.” It is this same thought that drives my business to this day. Only it took me more than 10 years to go from thinking about pursuing that mission in the world to being an entrepreneur and coach.

See, I was scared. I was a chemical engineer. I couldn’t be a “life coach.” What would people think of me?

So I spent the next 10 years doing other things and trying to figure myself out. I came to realize that I needed to release my need to have the right answers and to look smart in order to do what I love. I toyed with the idea of doing it several times, but something always stopped me. I now know it was those old beliefs, along with doubt and worry.

For those of you reading who are already in business: congratulations, you made the first decision I avoided for 10 years!

Speaking of that decision… in 2006 my stepdad died of cancer. He was diagnosed and given 3 months to live. I used all my vacation visiting my family, and in the end he died when I was back in the office putting in time in my cube.

That’s when I finally decided.

No more company-dictated vacation time. No more 3 days of bereavement leave. I recognized that my mission for freedom was about more than people just being free to be themselves in business. It was also about being free to be where you want to be when you want to be there, in accordance with your personal values.

I made the decision, internally, made specific commitments toward it, and everything began to unfold.

Do YOU Have a Moment Like That?

If you don’t have a moment like that, THIS can be your moment. Right now.

Making the decision to step into your personal Truth and shift your business accordingly can be your moment. Making the decision — right now — to stop wasting your effort can be your moment.

Everything starts with the decision. Every time!

I’ve invested in my business (the business I originally believed would require $0 investment!) time and again, and the moment I decide, it’s as if the flow opens. I’ve made decisions to change aspects of my business to be better suited to me, from restructuring my programs to changing the name of my business, and seen immediate results. I’ve made decisions to release non-ideal clients, and watched new, ideal clients magically appear.

But then, guess what? Even I, as clear as I am (I spent 10 years getting clear about who I wanted to be, after all), I’ve learned how easy it is to get off track. After all, I had an old habit of trying to do things right and look smart, and it was easy to soak up more and more “right” ways to do things.

I began to learn from other experts in my field and see how they were making money in their way for their reasons, I came face to face with some strategies that were outside of my stand in my business. And every time I would try a strategy that was in line with someone else’s Truth — not my own — my results suffered. I could share countless examples, and will over the next 13 weeks.

My “mistakes” have served to reinforce my belief, my stand, that everything you do must be in alignment with the Truth of who you are and how you work best. You must be free to be you.

Once you make the decision to start running your business from your unique Point of View, I guarantee that nothing will ever be the same.

I’m ready to enroll in the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs!

Read how entrepreneurs just like you have benefited from programs like the
Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs

“Before joining the Biz School, I was in a fog. I had no direction and had no idea where I wanted my business to go. Actually I had several business ideas in mind.  I decided to work with Darla because I felt she had a sense as to why I was going nowhere and I knew I needed clarity and direction if I was ever going to have a viable business.  I started seeing results immediately. I finally had direction and knew who I needed to become, and how to steer myself through the roadblocks that had previously prevented my success.  When I began, I thought I was going in one direction and discovered a totally new direction that had been right under my nose, but I had not paid attention to it. My life has changed in so many ways. I got out of my toxic environment along with getting 5 new paying clients, a web site, and increasing my rates substantially. If someone was considering working with Darla, I would tell them that if they were wanting to change their life, to get on board and right now. With her guidance you will emerge from your cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.”

– Liz Underhill
The Diet Busting Renegade
Vienna, Ontario, Canada

“When I started working with Darla I was nowhere in my business. I had been ‘trying’ for years but wasn’t getting anywhere.  I decided to work with Darla because I just knew she could help me identify and move past the blocks I was having in my business. There was an immediate transformation in my business with the investment I made in the Biz School program. Quite quickly I was making new progress and seeing results from my efforts. Everything about my business is different, especially who I am being in my business. Because of Darla, I have been able to get out of my own way and offer the value I know I have to my clients. Before Darla, I had NO IDEAL clients…after working with Darla, I know who my ideal client is and I am working with them. Darla is very intuitive and has a special ability to see through your hidden commitments so that you can have a breakthrough in your business. If you are not where you want to be in your business, and need a breakthrough, you should work with Darla.”

– Teresa Shepp
Design Your Content
Ocala, FL

“Before I started Darla’s program, I was making the bulk of my living (about $75k) writing for women’s magazines. I’d been working non-stop, piecemealing together a living for almost 10 years, but I had come to a standstill in my business. Even though I had built my business from scratch without assistance, I suddenly felt stuck. I blamed the economy, the dysfunction of the publishing industry, the pressure of supporting my family — everything I could think of. I looked for answers in lots of places, and I obsessively studied other writers’ business models, trying to figure out what I was suddenly doing wrong. But in reality, I needed help to change my mindset and to envision how I might better use my writing talents and find more fulfilling work. Although I am a very disciplined and self-directed person, I just really couldn’t think my way out of this one.

It was a huge leap of faith for me to make this kind of investment in my business! But you know what? The month I started Darla’s program was my highest grossing month —EVER (which came after 6 terribly slow and incredibly frustrating months). Making the commitment freed something in me. Honestly, I was skeptical for a long time about the notion of having a “Truth.” I just figured I did what I did because I was good at it. But in my year of working with Darla, I’ve learned that I have a very specific point of view. I have a mission, and I most certainly have a Truth — and when I follow it and align with it, awesome things happen. I no longer feel like I’m at the mercy of the hostile publishing world; my business is sustainable now. I’ve built a tribe of people, I know where to find my clients, and I’ve been able to reconnect with the 8-year-old girl who just loved to write — and I expect to exceed six figures this year.”

– Judi Ketteler
Copy Strategist
Cincinnati, OH

“At the start of Darla’s program, I was doing mostly individual fitness training and class instruction, yoga and Pilates. I was feeling time-limited (trading hours for dollars) and very tied to a schedule. I wanted to build my own personal coaching business, but wasn’t sure how to move that process forward. I needed to gain more confidence in myself and overcome barriers that I felt were keeping me from having the business/life I really wanted.

I wanted a structured program that provided specific steps, not just concepts, to take me to the next level. So many of Darla’s exercises helped me “connect the dots,” which helped me more clearly articulate to others what I have to offer them and the difference I can make in their lives. I’ve developed workshops, learned how to connect with (and find) my ideal clients, and I’m so excited about the opportunities and possibilities to come!

I would recommend Darla to anyone wanting to take the next big step…or perhaps the first step…in creating the business/life they really want. She offers a combination of practical tools, guidance, and encouragement. Darla is especially gifted in helping others discover their unique talents and gifts and how to use those to change the world for the better.”

– Jana Currie
Wellness Coach
Cincinnati, OH


What kind of Results will I get from the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs?

When you sign up for the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs, you are saying that your business is worth it. You are putting yourself on notice that you will:

  • Come to know exactly who you are, why you do what you do, and what you offer—and stand firm in that knowing.
  • Discern—without a doubt—who your ideal client is (and be able to recognize them in an instant).
  • Develop a systematic, reliable process for bringing in new clients.
  • Create a signature approach that permeates everything you do.
  • Learn how to speak directly to your ideal client in your marketing.
  • Understand how to truly leverage your time and talents (and know when and how to seek support).
  • Run every aspect of your business from a place of alignment, which means that you’ll make more money, be able to take time off, and truly enjoy life, knowing that your business is working exactly as it should!

The Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs

Six modules, each designed to get you one step closer to

Attracting the Results You Want!


MODULE 1 – 2 Classes
Align with Your Profit Zone
Most businesses fail because their owners quit. Business owners quit because they get nervous, lose steam, become inconsistent, and “flip-flop” on their message, programs, and services. In this module we’ll dive into the 3 reasons people flip-flop and help you identify the hidden commitment you have to staying hidden or stuck.

From here we’ll help you stop the flip-flop and move into your Profit Zone by harnessing the power of one or more of 3 Profit Styles. Your Profit Style helps you to BE the type of entrepreneur who can create that home-run marketing because you’re not worried about what anyone thinks – you’re focused on letting your Truth be heard in a way that connects. Your marketing becomes highly effective and efficient in your Profit Zone.

MODULE 2 – 3 Classes
Align with Your Profitable Brand of Messaging
A powerful business is not just a collection of words. It’s a brand that stands for something. With a Brand of messaging, your unique Genius is subtly woven throughout your different client touchpoints, and your Mission is loud and clear, in a way that speaks directly to your ideal client.

A business creates transactions. A brand takes a stand. You’ll take yours in Module 2. (Hint: It’s inspired by your Profit Style!)

MODULE 3 – 2 Classes
Align Your Clients with Extraordinary Results
You’ve got a unique approach to your business. You know what you believe works to get your clients to the destination they seek – that’s why you’re in business. In this module we’ll map out exactly what each of your clients needs (inputs, actions, insights, outcomes) to get the result by following YOUR unique approach. This is sometimes called a “signature system.” Call it “What Happens on Your Bus.”

Intentionally creating your process in an innovative way will psych you up to operate your business like the rock star that you are!

MODULE 4 – 2 Classes
Align Your Business Design
Often business owners find themselves with a business that feels more like a job! This is generally because they’ve build a business around assumptions about what’s possible, rather than creating a business designed around THEM.

It is so energizing and ALIGNING when your business operates in this place. You’ll be delighted by your ingenious discovery! In this module we’ll outline your packages and price your offerings to give you the results you desire.

MODULE 5 – 2 Classes
Align with Cash in Your Pocket
It’s in alignment to take money for your services! This module is also known as sales. We’ll be doing a mini sales bootcamp in which you’ll actually go out generate major cash for your newly designed services!

You’ll learn the ALIGNED selling approach, one that’s not funky or pushy. Sales is nothing more than discovering the natural alignment that exists between what they need and what you offer.

If you don’t master sales, you’re out of business, no matter how aligned your marketing may be.  So let’s learn to love it, like a fun adventure!

MODULE 6 – 2 Classes
Align Your Action → AIM for Profit
Imagine knowing exactly what to go do every day to generate the exact money you desire each month! Here’s where the rubber meets the road as we create your Aligned Income Map (AIM). 

In Module 6 you’ll decide WHERE you will meet your ideal clients and EXACTLY what action you’ll take to get there. We’ll do MATH as well as create your ACTION CALENDAR to focus your daily, weekly, and monthly action. There is NOTHING BETTER than knowing exactly where your next clients will come from and how much money will land in your pocket, right?

“I was drawn to Darla’s Biz School to get in my “sweet spot” because the spot I was in wasn’t feeling all that sweet. In my first conversation with her, I felt she immediately “got” me and could see where I was, where I wanted to be, and what was in my way.

At that time in my business, I was being everything to everyone—and wasn’t at ease describing what I did because the terrain was just so large. I knew who I loved to work with, but working with them felt like lucky serendipity rather than like something I’d intentionally attracted.

I thought the Biz School would help me get clearer on what I was offering. And it did. But being amongst all these creative business-owners ready to step up in the world, I got more courageous and smart as I watched how they took big risks and bold steps.

Now I know how to approach the people I want to work with and I’m about to launch a new business identity and website. And I have 60 percent more people on board for my monthly program.

As a coach, Darla is direct, loving, and has an intriguing way of lifting the veil and seeing what’s really going on. I’ve signed on as a private client because hers is the bus I want to be on.”

– Madeleine Eno
In The Write Place

“Darla has helped me gain confidence in my abilities and my work. I see clearly now how what I do benefits my clients, and being excited about that has been bringing me even more business. The biggest change has been the conversations I have with myself, and really seeing how those thoughts affect every aspect of my life, business and personal.

I was limiting myself with the subtle belief that being a highly successful business owner was for other people, not for people like me. When I became aware of that belief, I chose to believe something else instead. Almost immediately the projects that had been stalled on the client’s end began to get moving. I am on track for my biggest month of project launches (and money) ever! (AND, I am taking my first vacation in 3 years!)”

– Jennifer Mitchell

“I had been working with an individual coach and got clear on how to use my intuition as an entrepreneur, but still felt I had no idea of the logistics and the structure necessary to build a business. I felt frustrated and really quite lost. At that point, I didn’t want a “coach” so much as I wanted a teacher. I wanted someone to actually walk me through how to run a successful business-someone who was doing it herself! I wanted to work with someone who could see through my BS and my fears and help me move through them as well, because they were getting the better of me. I was ready to throw in the towel numerous times before I started the Biz School!

I had been following Darla for over a year, reading her newsletter, and I knew she had a level of clarity and confidence that I wanted to be around. I saw her speak at an event, and though we never spoke directly, I just ‘knew’ that she could help me. I was also really scared to work with her! I kept dragging my feet, trying to decide whether to commit to the program. I knew it was probably my ego rearing up–it knew its heyday was coming to an end soon! After I decided to join the Biz School, and got started with the materials, I knew it was the best decision I had made in my business thus-far! From our initial debrief of the Energy Leadership Index my life and business began to change. Frankly, the bonuses she gave a part of the Aligned Biz School (Power in the Hallways, etc.) had me getting clear about what gets in my way and what to do about it–all before the first day of Biz School! The first thing I got present to was a long-standing commitment to doing everything on my own, which was really making it difficult for me to ask for help and hire the assistance I need to grow my business. I also got clear about how and when I’m acting and speaking from the lower energy levels in my business and relationships, and how that is where much of the self-sabotage comes in. Now I have awareness and the ability to choose a new way of being-that is powerful!

I have a level of clarity and integrity (i.e. inner alignment) that I hadn’t had before. I am more confident in who I am, what my genius is and how to offer it. My sales conversations are more effective and this past month I doubled my income over the previous month. I also have a plan and a structure to keep me moving forward. I love that!

One of the things I really appreciate about Darla is her thoroughness. She has really put together an amazing program in the Aligned Biz School. Not only does she cover the building blocks of business; the technical stuff that you need to know, she is also adept at the belief and mindset work. As a licensed mental health counselor and therapeutic coach for entrepreneurs, I know that our greatest asset (or downfall) is our mindset. Darla maneuvers in that world as skillfully as any trained therapist. While many coaches cover mindset, not all have the clarity she has, and that is priceless. I do not give that compliment lightly, as I tend to be a little biased ;)

– Kris Prochaska, MA LMHC
Heart & Soul Speaking

What’s Included and What Does it Cost?

I’m honored that so many testimonials from clients are pouring in. Clients who have been through my programs all report the same thing: they’re making more money than they ever thought possible!

You’ve seen a little bit of the curriculum. Here is the full rundown of what the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs includes:

  • The 6 Modules listed above
  • Weekly Teaching/Content Calls by web – a total of 13 classes ($2500 value)
  • Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs Curriculum Workbook with Targeted Exercises and tips ($300 value)
  • Exclusive Bonus Lessons with Strategic Partners!

Total Value: $2,800

I work with clients privately and have offered some of these services separately, but I’m packaging all of this together into the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs because I’ve learned that it’s what so many service-based, passionate entrepreneurs most need.

The total value of the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs is $2,800
but I’m offering it to you for less than $1,000.

Enroll now in the
Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs for:

$997 pay-in-full
or 4 payments of $297


AND because decision-makers always win, you also get these fabulous bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: You’ll get my Power in the Hallways™ Audio Program and Workbook, which will help you remove old ways of being that keep you from making the change you seek.
  • BONUS #2: You will also get my “Sweet Spot Success Kit”, where you will learn how to use your personal Profit Style (are you “Sally Service” or “Connection Connie?”).  This package includes two juicy, content-rich and example-filled programs: Profit Styles in Action Webinar and Packaging and Pricing in the Profit Zone Audio.

(Together Valued at $650)

This may be the first substantial investment you’ve made in your business.

I get that.

But if you don’t make the investment, what will it be like when you wake up tomorrow? What will it feel like to know that you’re still trying to run a business from outside your Truth? To know that you are still out of alignment with the business you want?

Will you commit in your head to make a change and move forward . . . and then wind up exactly in the same spot the next morning? I’ve been there. It’s painful.

Without the support of a structured commitment, most of us will go back to operating from the old success strategies that helped us survive when we were younger (like pleasing others, seeking approval, trying to fix everything, getting it “right,” and trying to hide out). Yeah, those strategies might bring in some cash—for a while. But it will be hard, frustrating, and not deeply fulfilling, and will eventually end.

And then you’ll be right here, in this very spot again.

“I’m smart. I can figure it out on my own.”

Yep, I’ve heard this one too . . . in fact I’ve lived it, did you read my story?
Of course you are smart. In fact, you are brilliant. But we can only see our situation through our current filters, and that’s why most people miss the gold within them.

Sure, you can read another business book, add one more feature to your website, seek the advice of the latest online marketing guru. You can fill your to-do list with strategy after strategy, but if you don’t know your Truth—and have a plan to run a business based on it—the list won’t lead anywhere. If you don’t have clarity at the base, the structures aren’t built on anything, and nothing ever changes.

Think about what it would be worth to know, with confidence, that THIS IS THE YEAR you are going to break through those income roadblocks you’ve constructed in the past.

Instead of waiting another year, why don’t you Make the Commitment Now? There is so much power in making the shift, in proudly declaring that your business is worth the investment.

YES, I’m ready for Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs! Sign me up!

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so committed to giving you access to this material so you can decide whether the Aligned Entrepreneur approach is for you, I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee.  Complete the first 2 classes of the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs, and if you find it’s not for you, simply request a refund in writing (within 14 days of registering) and we will refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

Entrepreneurs just like you have been signing up, saying “yes” to their dreams, and “yes” to creating the business they really want. Space is limited and spots in the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs are going quickly. You can reserve yours right now.

Don’t Lose Your Spot!

I’ve told you all about why I started my own business, why I created the Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs, and why I believe it’s exactly what your business needs right now.

But, it’s not about doing it my way. It’s not at all about me.

It’s about YOU and YOUR TRUTH. It’s about making decisions from YOUR POINT OF VIEW.

It’s about you deciding to close the gap between where you are now and the results you want. It’s about you deciding to have the life you want for yourself. It’s about you acknowledging your genius, and making a real investment in your business. It’s about finally . . . FINALLY . . . running the business you’ve always dreamed of!

What are you waiting for?

I’ll see you in “school.” (Apples are optional. Commitment is not.)

PS. Time is flying by. Wasn’t this the year you were going to make a real change? Wasn’t this the year you promised you’d take stock and make some business decisions? What are you waiting for? If you sign up now, you’re not only keeping the commitment to yourself, you’re also setting up your business to turn around now, and get the cash infusion it needs!


$997 Pay in Full or 4 Payments of $297